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Outsourcing in Action

Out sourcing has grown rapidly across Europe and the United States. Why? – Because it makes sense and it works.

From large corporations to successful local businesses, chief executives have discovered that if a function isn’t productive in keeping the business competitive then it pays both in terms of resources and cost to sub-contract to specialists.

Put simply it means focus on the core business and get the administration handled outside.

The result is it’s cheaper, more efficient and more effective.


  • A real cost benefit
  • Known and controllable costs
  • Complete financial management or specific requirements
  • Regular service or an individual project
  • Your existing system, the development of a tailor-made package, or our systems
  • Quality information you need when you need it
  • Your valuable times freed up to concentrate on your core business
  • You retain responsibility for policy and decisions but don't need to worry about the day to day running
  • A range of expertise to draw on; 3 into 1 will go; bookkeeper, management accountant and finance director